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Well now, lessee here... I'm moving into my new apartment with my boyfriend and good friend tomorrow morning, and hopefully... hopefully... it'll all be done tomorrow lol. I work later on that day until closing, then will wander over to the very new location of my very new home. It's quite mind boggling, now that I've had time to sit down and actually think about it instead of stuffing everything I own into bags and boxes and bins (oh my?). My work load this week is (of course) ridiculously heavy, most days either 7 or 9 hour shifts (UGH), and the whole unpacking and settling nonsense whenever I have time to breathe lol. But I will be with my lovey, FINALLY. We can carry on as we do... And that makes me, well, indescribably happy.

So, as of this very second, regardless of my exhaustion, life is... pretty damn good. :)


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