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Subtlety to the point of Formlessness. (A Tribute to Wing Chun Kung Fu)
I am a Wing Chun student.

Although I have not attended my classes for quite some time now for financial reasons, I recognize that I am still a student, in Wing Chun, and in life, no matter what color I master or how far I've come. There is always something new to discover and learn.

I found Wing Chun through a dear friend of mine; she had known I was looking for a form of martial art that had four basic elements :

1. It needed to inspire me to take it's teachings outside of class, and include them in my life.

2. Public performances/ competitions were not a part of the program.

3. It needed to be authentic, and not flashy.

4. I didn't want Karate or Tae Kwon Do.

I wanted a simple fighting form that demanded focus and tranquility, as well as flexibility to switch from passive to aggressive fighting. Cue entry of my Sifu's Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy. There are many aspects of Kung Fu, most of which I have not learned besides Wing Chun. And I'm okay with that. However interesting the Tiger, Crane, Snake, and Monkey forms are, they are sub-categories.

Our main focus is access to the opponents core, and to remain 'soft'. Our posture is in a way that will accommodate our center-punching techniques, deflect the opponent's attacks and allow us to attack simultaneously. You use the opponent's negative energy to your advantage; move with their movements; and do not give them energy to use against you. 

The Wing Chun State of Mind as written by my Sifu (mentor):

Wing Chun develops the mind to react through thinking and feeling, by sharpening the senses to see and feel for holes and to flow with different pressures upon engagement in your opponent’s defenses. Knowing the awareness of your body and your opponent’s body and to make conscious decisions without reflexive responses is developed through training. Wing Chun trains you to understand the present moment and to recognize everything within that moment. Wing Chun becomes a part of your personality and is limited only to your mentality and physical being.

I have learned self-discipline, honor, tranquility, strength, and awareness from this Martial Art. I can only hope that my training will continue, and that I may taste the ultimate achievement.

                    IP MAN

(Considered the first Wing Chun Kung Fu master/Sifu to teach Wing Chun openly. He trained Bruce Lee.)

Some Videos of Wing Chun Techniques :  (Chain Punch)   (A scene from the movie Ip Man. Bit graphic.)   (Movie Trailer of Ip Man. ^.^)


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