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Tattoo, New Apartments, and Ageplay, OH MY!
I got my tattoo about 2-3 weeks ago, and am absolutely in love with it. Wanting more, regardless of the intense pain (which is surprising since my pain tolerance is pretty high). But I shall post pics when I can find the damn usb cord that attaches to my camera. Won't be as big as this one (maybe... lol) but I definitely have to save  up for it and not take out $400 directly from my check... >.>

A good friend of mine and I are currently looking for a suitable apartment for ourselves. We shall see if I can handle her... personality on an almost 24 hour basis. We work together and will soon be living together, and being a somewhat anti-social creature... I dunno how that much stimulation of 'her' I can handle, lol. But I'll live, I suppose. Zee boyfriend will likely be joining us once he gets a bit of money, so that should be fun ^_^. I'm excited about the whole thing, just hopin' there aren't massive amounts of demon obstacles in the way...

And now, ageplay. *sigh* Completely unrelated to the other topics, but that's how I roll. I'm lookin' into it... I find it fascinating, and am inclined to it, but there aren't that many 'informational' sites, except for maybe forums or Fetlife. I suppose I'll get a book on it or whatnot. I've found myself wandering towards the children's section in bookstores, watching the Mommies and Daddies reading to their little ones, and I feel such a swelling in my heart. It's not that I want my own child, natural birth etc; I think giving someone that was deprived of a good childhood a chance to enjoy those things they missed out on, feel like someone truly cares for them and won't ever hurt them... I think a lot of people could benefit from that. It's more of a therapeutic thing, than a sexual/roleplay thing. I dunno... we'll see if I can find a 'little' to call my own. :)

Update soon. Take care, all.

- P.


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